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Born in Milano in 1953, where he lives and works. He has photographs printed in many magazines, in Italy and abroad, and is in the editorial staff of “Magazine”, the periodical magazine of qTp Fotocomunità Italiana. He has published several books, and has presented some of his works in solo-exhibitions.


After a travels to Cuba he creates a body of work, published as Cuba 2011. The same year in December, he presents this work in an on-line exhibition. He publishes Genova luce viva and Passions, two volumes of original photographs. Photographs from this latter work are presented in his first solo-exhibition in Genoa, Palazzo Ducale is asked by the poet and writer Bruno Cicchetti to illustrate his piece, “La Signora del Tango”, published in 2011. Afterwards, he is invited to work for and to photograph the setting of this opera-tango, performed in summer during Lunaria Festival 2011. In 2012 he publishes, together with Bruno Cicchetti, a smaller volume of new conception: Holzwege. A sort of original back-ward journey, from photography to poetry, from the image to the word. A similar theme is developed in Morgenstern in 2012, Star’s Fisher and Liebestraum in 2013. Also in 2013 he coordinated the 2012 Italy Report a collection of photographs and texts, born from the collaboration with a group of photographers, variously distributed throughout the country, and characterized by very different themes and styles. The authors have created this work, united by the passion for photography and the desire to stop a moment in the life of our Italy in a historical moment that we can consider crucial for the nation. The book is part of the photo report. A collective photographic exhibition originated from the initiative. Followed, always followed by collective photo exhibitions in various locations in Italy, are the 2013 Italy Report, the 2014 Italy Report, the 2015 Italy Report and the 2016 Italy Report. He still continues his photographic activity having developed a particular interest in the shape of things and the landscape.

After a period of suspension, due to personal reasons, in 2021 he was selected among the 30 Authors for Riaperture -OFF Ideale (Ferrara) with the “Ideal City” project, he received an Honorable Mention from MonoVisions 2021 for the work “The Shape and the Shadow” in the abstract category and an Honorable Mention from PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris with the proposal ” What should thy sons do, Venice?”

Also in  2021  he was  Silver Winner per New York Photography Awards